Our AUTOGUIDE - is a comfortable and convenient way to make your own excursion towards the unknown, to touch the mysteries of the monasteries and churches. The AUTOGUIDE shall follow you always and everywhere as your personal professional guide.
The Company Paradigmastar Ltd introduces you the AUTOGUIDE guidebook
We created for you unique auto-excursions that shall guide you into the beauties of Cyprus and its History
All started from the original idea to create something very important and convenient for the traveler. Historians were working in the archives of several countries of Europe and Minor Asia, in order to collect the unique and fascinating materials. Our specialists collected the most interesting facts and legends “piece by piece”.

One of the best designers were involved in the design of the AUTOGUIDE. The ideal proportions, colors, shades were considered - everything that shall necessarily attract the most demanding client.
Our matched speaker who made his task on the highest level, is our special pride.
    The AUTOGUIDE does not consist only of tracks. Besides the audio tracks - it contains a booklet with short and colorful stories. These are texts and stories the tourist could see the sights before his trip and to choose what he particularly interested in.
The AUTOGUIDE’s target group is Russian-speaking population and visitors of Cyprus, who wish to learn more about the island, to visit the most important local places. The people who visited to Cyprus in order to spend their money on services, property and any other attractive offers.
     The AUTOGUIDE is addressed to the certain connoisseurs of entertainment industry, grateful users of hospitable service, and potential investors to the business-projects of the Country.
Product implementation shall be carried out through:
- companies of various directions, as compliments to their customers
- retail sales - through the network of souvenir shops, car rental companies, real estate agencies and also through Russian shops.
This is how the booklet looks, with the disc inside:
The advertisement in the each Tome of the AUTOGUIDE is:
- Big volume - the first edition is 3.000 copies

3000 copies - are 3000 new clients of your business

- Full colored, attractive, glossy banners from full framed till modular and cross-cutting advertisement
Why it is profitable to advertise with us?
It is very convenient to travel with the AUTOGUIDE. Boring waiting time in traffics transfers into the meeting with interesting and exciting information!
Collection edition AUTOGUIDE
Variant A
1 copy (CD) - 2,55 euro
Variant B
1 copy (CD) - 0,55 euro
Variant C
1 copy (CD) - 0,45 euro
Variant R
1 copy (CD) - 1,55 euro
Variant D
1 copy (CD) - 1,75 euro
Minimum amount of copies 3000 CD’s
Prices аре excluding VAT
Location particulars distances of advertisements are presented in the application
Also to your attention, for full imagination about the whole our collective work result of AUTOGUIDE project, we offer to listen through the cut from excursion "Promozapis AUTO GUIDE"
Tel.: 99027315
4043, Limassol, Cyprus
Sincerely director Alexandr Korneev
You will be able to attract target clients with our assistance, who got tremendous amount of positive emotions from the excursions with the AUTOGUIDE.

Via the elaborate system of implementation, the booklet with CD, the AUTOGUIDE shall be delivered into the right hands, with your advertisement. Furthermore, the large circulation and the special places of distribution shall provide you with the maximum return of funds invested in advertisement.

The advertisement in the AUTOGUIDE project, is characterized by its novelty and originality of feed, which certainly increases the interest of tourists to the information submitted.

In addition, advertising in the AUTOGUIDE will ensure you not a one-time contact with your customer, because, after buying the AUTOGUIDE, the client shall leaf through edition more than one time! The CD and its décor is a kind of souvenir, expensive, unforgettable gift. We keep such things for years!

How do you think, if client get SUCH kind of product, got a lot of pleasant emotions from acquaintance with history and legends, from the feeling of spending time with pleasure, and from the fact of possessing AUTOGUIDE, will he reuse to look through the advertising, our recommendations, information about our partners?

Will he doubt about reliability and high level of professionalism of the company, which the creators of invaluable excursions partnership with?
There are places for advertisers’ banners in the booklet. Places for advertisement were specially selected, taking into consideration the location on the page in order to attract maximum attention of potential customer.

ParadigmaSTAR Ltd offers five variants of advertising location: (download samples of all modules)
270 minutes in the fairytale past
Edition of the first Tome - 3.000 Copies
Whole Project - AUTOGUIDE Trilogy
The unique of our offer is that your advertisement shall be delivered directly hands of the Target Group members considered that the cost of one advertisement per one contact is extremely low.
ATTENTION!!! AUDIO BOOKS "AutoGID", with advertising  your business will be distributed free of charge among clients of rental car and real estate agencies